Google has just announced a new Halloween store that will offer everything from candy to craft supplies to games.

The search giant announced the new store in its news release and called it a “world class” Halloween store.

It will be located in the New York City area, and it’s one of many new Halloween stores Google is adding across the world.

The company said the new shop will be open through Oct. 15.

Google said the company will be working with local businesses to create the Halloween store, and that the store will be “completely open to the public.”

The store is described as a “home-style” location that will include a gift shop, bar, gift shop area, a gift-giving room, a Halloween decorating room, gift bag, and a “haunted house” theme.

The store will feature all of the items that make up a typical Halloween store: Halloween costumes, games, crafts, and more.

The “haunt” theme is also part of the brand, which will also include an “A Halloween” theme store, which is the “Halloween” store that Google will be opening.

“A great Halloween is a perfect time to share a story and share a new idea, a passion or a new way of doing things,” the news release reads.

“We are excited to be able to partner with local business owners and retailers to create a great Halloween store experience in the heart of New York.

This new store will give our customers a place to spend a great night and an amazing time.

We look forward to sharing more about this exciting new initiative soon.”

A Halloween store is a new concept at Google.

It’s not the first time Google has launched a new store.

Last year, Google opened its first location in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the store was only open through October.

Google will have a second location in New York soon.

Google has been working on a Halloween store in Seattle for the past year, and the company said it is working with the city’s mayor to make it a reality.

In addition to Halloween stores, Google has a number of other new services that are being rolled out.

Google’s Photos app now has a live stream that allows users to share photos with friends, and Google is rolling out new facial recognition technology.

Google announced that it will begin rolling out a new app called Street View to help users find new places in the world, and its new Hangouts app is getting a new feature called Live Chat, which lets users chat with other Google users.

Google is also expanding its Hangouts video app, adding live chat and chat filters.

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