A home grown food company has launched its first India-based retail store in Bangalore, a move that may have raised eyebrows among food and grocery executives.

Kanjai Bhavan, a Mumbai-based startup, plans to open two stores across the country within the next two years.

The first one will focus on grocery items and the second one will be dedicated to home-made food products.

The startup has also registered its first listing in the US.

Kaanjai is owned by Prakash Datta, a former corporate banker who has been working in retail in the city since 2013.

Datta was approached by the company in December to help with the launch of its store, which has a price tag of Rs 2 crore.

“We wanted to get a store in the region and we have decided to open the first one in Bangalore as the market is quite small and we are looking for a bigger outlet,” Datta told The Hindu.

Datta said that the retail space is likely to be a hub for food products, with the aim of being a food market within two years, with a presence on two floors.

“We will have around 15 employees, about 10 of which will be in the store,” he said.

The company has set up its first office in the former textile manufacturing plant, which is now being converted into an office space.

“As we are planning a full-fledged retail store, we have also decided to set up a home-bred food store, as our goal is to sell our food at an affordable price,” Dattas said.

“A lot of people want to know about this new food and have a chance to try the product before they buy it.”

The startup will be aiming to open stores in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

It has already taken orders from the likes of Reddy Bazaar, Alka Vadakkal, Gourmet Food & Spirits and the Dharamshala Bazaar.

“If people buy it from us, we will send them to a place like our warehouse, where they can have it delivered to them,” Duttas added.

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