Walmart has announced plans to close its nine stores in the US, and Lowe’s is closing one store in Australia, and has closed a store in Canada.

But many retailers, including Amazon, are still stocking up on items from the last few weeks.

Here are the top new stores to open or close in the past few weeks:Walmart is closing its stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Michigan City, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio, the company said on Thursday.

The retailer said it was closing all of its US stores to accommodate increased demand from customers.

It also said it would close its stores across Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the rest of its UK and Ireland stores in March.

Lowe’s said it closed two stores in Ohio and closed a third in Michigan City on Wednesday, and is shutting a store and two stores across Ontario.

It said it is closing all its US store locations to accommodate its increasing volume of orders from customers, as well as the increasing number of online orders and online sales.

Amazon has already closed one store across the US and Canada, and will close three more across the country, the retailer said.

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