A beer store in Melbourne is about to open its doors to the public, with the beer store, Brewery & Bar, in the former Home Depot premises at 16 Nungambie Road.

The store is being managed by Breweries & Bar’s owner and founder Matt Schubert, who has previously run a brewery and brewpub in Perth, Adelaide and Darwin.

Breweries & Band owner and Breweries& Breweries and Brewery owner Matt Schurbert says he wants to give back to local communitiesHe said the brewery’s beer range and tasting room will be located on the property, where he and his wife are working to expand their local business.

“It’s been a really tough few years,” he said.

“Our lease on the building has been up for quite some time now.”

So we’re hoping to start some new things and really get going.

“Mr Schuberg said he was proud to open the store, which he said was the largest craft beer shop on Melbourne’s east coast.”

We’re just getting started and we’re looking forward to doing a really good job of getting this store up and running.

“Mr Shubert said he had been looking for a place that was more affordable than Home Depot, and that the shop fit the bill.”

The space, the location and the quality of the beer, you can’t beat Home Depot,” he explained.”

If you can afford a Home Depot you can do better than a brewpub.

“Breweries&Band will be open from Wednesday until Monday, while the beer range will be available from Friday until Saturday.

The brewery’s tasting room is being leased to a local restaurant, which will provide food, beer and wine.

The shop is expected to open later this year.

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