Gucci Store in India is closing down after sale.

The company said that the company has been working hard to create a sustainable business model, and the closure of the store is the result of its efforts.

The store will be rebranded as Gucci India.

Gucci stores have been an important part of the Indian fashion scene for quite some time now.

The iconic brand has been on the up for quite a while now, as the company was able to establish a successful retail store network in the country.

This has led to an enormous growth in the brand, and is now the third largest in the world.

However, the brand has faced some issues in recent years, as demand has taken a nose dive due to its poor fashion.

According to recent surveys, the store’s popularity has fallen by about 30%.

The company has taken steps to improve its brand image and image with its first new store since 2015, a new store in New Delhi.

However, the move has been met with some criticism from the Indian public, and some companies have taken the move too far.

Gucci, however, said that they will continue to focus on its vision for the future, and it is committed to investing in India.

The brand will also be moving its headquarters to Mumbai.

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