A hair store in London is giving its customers something new: a hair shop with “unexpected” products.

The shop has launched a hair product line that includes a line of products that are “not normally available” in the UK, such as “a natural shampoo that contains no chemicals,” according to the website.

The salon owner, who goes by the handle, Niamh, told Mashable that she is currently selling a line called The Black Rose that “can be found in the US.”

“We’re just selling it for the UK,” she said.

“We’ve got some American people who love it, but I think it’s a really good opportunity for the American market to get a product that is not normally available in the United Kingdom.”

Her products have already received rave reviews, with some people saying that the line is worth the price.

“It’s not a product I would buy, but it’s not one that I would sell to anybody,” said Niamah.

“I have friends who are British and they love it.”

The Black Rose has been featured on the BBC and Mashable, and is currently available in Canada.

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