The real reason why two women in a small town in South Dakota thought they would marry soon is that the wedding would help them survive in their small town.

The story of Lottie and Mimi McLean is one of many that are told in the new Netflix documentary, Happily Ever after.

“It’s about the two women, the story of what happens when you’ve lived your life and you’re married, and the story about how it can change you,” said Karen McLean, Lotties daughter and the director of Happily ever after.

“And it’s a very beautiful story.”

The couple met when they were just 14 years old and had a brief relationship before they met and fell in love.

Lottie McLean was born in 1951, and her family moved to Oklahoma in 1960.

They settled in the small town of Killeen, about 40 miles northwest of Rapid City, in the summer of 1966.

In 1975, they married and lived together for 13 years.

But things were not perfect.

The couple had a daughter and a son who went on to be in their 20s, but the marriage was never perfect.

Mimi Mclean left her job at the Killeens department store and moved to New Mexico, but she stayed behind to care for her mother and four siblings.

For the first few years, she struggled with alcohol abuse.

Then she met Lottys daughter, Amy, who was 13 at the time.

After Amy’s death in 1980, Lettys daughter moved back to Oklahoma and started a new life in town.

Amy McLean said that when they first started dating, Littles daughter was very shy and embarrassed.

And Lottis daughter also struggled with depression.

But Amy said Lotty never took that as a problem.

“I think Amy and Lott are like two peas in a pod,” Amy McLean told ABC News.

“They’re all in their own little world and I think Lott is just like Lott’s mother.”

Amy Mclean said that after their first year together, Amy started to realize she was not quite as smart as her mother.

Amy’s mother, Dorothy McLean also left her home in 1973 to work at a ranch near the Kansas border.

Dorothy and Lettis mother worked hard and they became very close, Amy said.

But Dorothy Mclean had problems with alcoholism and depression.

When Amy’s mother died in 1981, Dorothy moved back in with her parents and her husband, who were living in Texas.

Amy, who is now in her 50s, said that while Amy was very close to her mother, Amy felt very alone and isolated in Oklahoma.

“The thing that I thought was missing from Amy and I thought I needed to help her,” Amy said, “is a support system.”

She said she went to a counselor in the town of Lickety Potatoes, and that counselor told Amy that her mother would never come back.

Amy said she was determined to make a difference and started her own support group in the spring of 1977.

She started to meet people who were like family and she started to start her own website, the

Amy began meeting other women who were in similar situations and she began to feel like her mother was coming back.

Amy said that her parents were always concerned about her and her safety, and Amy was also worried about her own safety.

However, Amy Mclean also said that Amy had a strong sense of belonging and that she felt like she had a purpose in life.

She said that she also learned to be more self-sufficient, and she helped her mother out of debt.

Although Amy had no real financial security, Amy did have some money in the bank.

Amy had a dream to get into a college, and so she started working as a waitress at a diner in Kansas.

She also began teaching herself English.

Amy later went to New York City, but her mother died when Amy was 19.

That summer, Amy moved back into the small community of Killes home, and Lattie Mclean began working as an electrician.

Amy told that she was so happy when she got a job and a new place to live that she thought, “Wow, this is a good life.”

Amy McLeod said that Lott had a big impact on her life, and they both had a love of adventure.

Amy recalled that she began taking classes in early 1978, and after that, Latties family moved out.

Amy and Lttie McLeod also had a son named Mike, who died when Lott was 40 years old.

Mike was a big boy and loved riding motorcycles and riding on motorbikes.

Amy called him “Mikey” and said that he would help her with her homework.

Amy says that

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