In Australia, the idea of ‘pinky’ burgers may be a thing of the past, with an increasing number of local chains offering pinks and brownies with ‘meat’ in a bid to boost the local economy.

Al Jazeera spoke to three people who are hoping to change that.

The first is a food-business entrepreneur, who is a member of the South Australian Food Industry Council.

He says the industry has become increasingly saturated, with the rise of ‘batteries not meat’ restaurants and a shift away from traditional cooking methods to more ‘fancy’ burgers.

“It’s just a little bit more sophisticated than we were used to,” he said.

There’s a big difference between burgers that have meat and burgers that don’t, he said, and it’s a ‘little bit more work to prepare them.

“”You can’t just go out and order them in a burger joint or a takeaway restaurant.

You have to get your burger here, put it in a microwave, fry it, and cook it.

“The second person is a mother of two who has worked as a cook at a local supermarket.

I think the whole idea is to try to make something that is a little more tasty than what’s in the supermarket,” she said. 

The third person, who asked not to be named, is a business consultant, who said that the market for ‘pinks’ burgers was already there and that he thought a more ‘personal touch’ was needed.

In some markets, ‘pizzas’ are a popular option.

It’s a bit of a niche market for now, but I think we’re going to see more of them in the future, he says.

Al Jazeera’s Rosanna Sowards reports from Sydney, Australia.

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