A new Kickstarter project called Super Secret is looking to raise $100,000 for a new platform that would allow developers to create “super secret” games that are “just as cool” as the original ones, but without the restrictions that come with a traditional game publisher.

The platform is called SuperSecret and it’s aiming to launch later this year.

It’s an attempt to circumvent the traditional publisher model, and to build something that would be similar to what was offered to game developers back in the day.

SuperSecret’s founder and CEO, Josh Stansbury, tells me that he first met the concept of SuperSecret when he was playing around with a new game called The Last of Us: Remastered.

The game was a survival horror game, but it also had a multiplayer component, so it was a great platform for developers to experiment with new ideas.

It was a very easy way to start experimenting with different mechanics, Stansburys.

It also gave developers the chance to show what they could do, he says.

“That’s where I think SuperSecret really came into play,” Stansburg says.

Stansbourg says he wanted to create a platform where developers could experiment with the kinds of games that were coming out of the genre at the time, and the game was the perfect platform for doing that.

Supersecret would give developers the freedom to create games that would make their own games, he said.

It would be very much like being a game developer, he explains.

It had a lot of different gameplay options and would allow them to experiment.

And it was also very accessible.

“I think that the way people play games now is really different from what it was like when I was growing up, I think.

So there’s a lot more options,” he says, adding that it’s also important to keep in mind that SuperSecret is still in development, and that Stansberry is still looking to make more games in the future.

For now, SuperSecret will be available only on Kickstarter, where it is expected to raise more than $100 million, though it’s not clear when the platform will be fully released.

The $100K goal is the biggest for a SuperSecret Kickstarter yet.

The original $60K goal was a record for a crowdfunding campaign, and Stansberg says he’s hoping to break that record again this time around.

He says that this time, the funding will allow him to hire more people, and more developers, and better the quality of the game.

“When you’re looking at this as a developer, you want to create the most awesome, cool, awesome, awesome game that you possibly can.

That’s what I’m really focused on,” he explains, explaining that the company is also looking to hire some “hacker” developers.

But, as with all Kickstarter campaigns, there are some important caveats.

SuperSecrets backers will not be able to purchase a game at launch, so they won’t be able play it at their own home.

Super Secret also will not allow for “pay-to-win,” in which a game creator can pay someone to buy a game for them.

Standsburg says that while there are potential problems with this, the platform is meant to allow developers and publishers to collaborate on new games, and he says that it will also help create more interesting, diverse and interesting experiences for developers.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently in its first month, and it has raised more than 7,000 percent of its goal so far.

Stainsbury says that the campaign will be going forward for another six months, and if SuperSecret does well, he expects the platform to get even more attention from developers.

“It will be an exciting time in the game development world,” he said, saying that developers are still learning how to get their games made.

But there are also some caveats to that.

One is that the platform won’t allow for the kinds and amounts of money that the original Kickstarter had, which meant that some of the money that backers pledged would be going to pay for additional software development, such as the game engine needed to make the game run smoothly.

But Stansburgh says that’s not necessarily a problem, because the platform itself won’t need to be bought.

“We’ll be able make it if we decide to make it, and we’ll have enough cash on hand to make a good game,” he told me.

And, he added, that the money raised from the campaign is just for the Kickstarter.

“The money is going to be put to work,” he explained.

Stopsbury says the idea of a supersecret platform came about when he wanted a different kind of game for his son.

His son, Josh, is now 12 years old and has been obsessed with making games since he was little.

“He’s been making video games for years now, and my daughter and I were just really excited about that,” Stainsbur says. He was

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