The latest fish can be found in any of the stores at the new Fishery City in Surat, according to the official Twitter account of the city’s fishing authority.

The account, @fisherycity, has been active since October 10, tweeting about the latest arrivals from around the country and the world.

The city’s first store opened on October 7, and now has over 400 fish and other catchables in stock, the account tweeted on Friday.

The Fishery Cities, also known as the Fishery Village or Fisher Village, is an innovative development by the Fisherman Development Authority.

It aims to connect fishermen with new fish markets, offering them a fresh catch in the city of Surat.

The new Fishers Village is located in Surakapuram, the coastal city which was first established by Emperor Vijayanagara in the 16th century.

It is an eco-friendly community that has a large number of fish, and has also brought about a change in the attitude towards fish farming in the country.

The area is surrounded by forests and is known for its biodiversity.

The official FisheryCity Twitter account also posted a photo of a local fisherman, who had caught a few fish, saying, “My name is Manu, I have caught fish in the area for the past 4 days.

I was very happy.”

He has been working in the Fishers village since January 2016.

“I have been fishing for fish for the last 20 years.

Since my family has been living here for generations, we have been catching fish regularly,” he told TNM.

The local fisherman has been fishing the area regularly for the fishing community for the previous four years.

“Since we have become fishermen, we also started to learn how to fish,” he said.

He has also been working with the local fishermen in the village for the purpose of keeping the fish healthy.

“The fish have good quality and the quality has increased.

They are not too big, but have good size, which we want to have a healthy fish population in the future,” he added.

The latest catchables available at the Fisher City include tilapia, carp, squid, king crab, yellowtail, blackjack, blackfish, sea bass, bluegill, red grouse, redfish, and other fish.

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