It is the holidays and the beginning of another year.

In 2016 Google had a lot to celebrate.

It was the year that the search giant started making some serious money.

The search giant was doing something right, and it was the Google app store that got some of its most popular features, such as shopping for apps, as well as the best search results.

And Google was getting paid.

So, it was time for the search engine giant to change up its shopping experience.

So did Google’s own app store get a bit more fancy?

And what about the holiday store?

The company said that it had made some changes, and they are still in the early stages of their rollout, so it is difficult to say what they will look like.

The latest Google app stores will have new features such as the ability to order online, a new shopping experience and more.

But what will the Google store look like next year?

Here’s a look at what the search and app store have to offer for 2016.

Google Play store The Google Play Store is Google’s online store that stores apps and games.

It is used by millions of users around the world.

This year the app store will have the option of having a new experience, including a new theme.

Google will also introduce a new “My Games” section that will show you all the games you can download on the Google Play app store.

This will make it easier to find what you want and add more value to your purchases.

The Google store will also offer discounts for the most popular games and apps.

So the search, music and movies section will be even better, and the shopping section will have more than a few new items for you to choose from.

The app store has a variety of new items including: Games – games that can be played on a large screen, and some games are also available on smart TVs.

Apps – apps you can install on your Android smartphone or tablet to make it even easier to download and play games.

Books – reading, reading for children, reading with kids, or even reading on the go.

Music – music that is accessible in your own home or on the internet.

Movies – movies you can watch on the web.

Games – game titles that you can play online.

Books and more Google Play is also rolling out a new feature that is being called “The Google Play Experience”.

It will make the search page look different, like the search results, and also feature new content.

The feature will also let you buy games and other digital content, and Google will include some great deals on the store.

There will also be new items, including new books, new movie and TV shows and more, which will make your shopping experience even better.

The company will also include a new music player, and will have a variety a new books that you might like to buy, as it is already selling a number of digital books and movies on the Play Store.

Other changes in the Google Store for 2016 include the new “Shop” section on the home screen, which is an expanded section that includes some of the biggest items on the site, including books, movies, TV shows, music, games and more to help you find what’s on offer.

Google has also announced a number other new features for the app and Google Play experience, such a “Music” section for reading audiobooks, a “Games” section with new games and a “Books” section which includes a number new titles.

And the Google+ community has also added new content and new games to its own community, so you can share content with your friends.

So there is lots to love in the new Google app and appstore.

Google appstore will be updated with more Google apps and features, and more of your favourite games and movies.

And it is expected that you will see a new Google TV app, which you can also download and use to watch movies and TV programmes.

The new Google store is expected to launch in the first half of next year.

And while the appstore is still a few months away, there are already some new apps in the works.

Here are a few we already know about. 

The first is a new podcast app.

It will be available for iPhone and Android phones, and users can upload their own audio podcasts to play on the podcast player.

Google says the app will be more of a podcast app than the Google play store.

Google Podcasts is a podcast aggregator and podcast aggregators have long been a part of the Google experience.

It offers an easy way to find and play podcasts from a wide variety of different podcasts. 

The new app also includes a new way to search for podcasts.

You can now search for a particular podcast on Google Podcast search. 

Google is also planning to add the ability for podcasts to be played offline, which means you can listen to them from anywhere you have an internet connection. This is

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