A new app for the Apple Watch, a revamped Apple TV, and a slew of other tech gadgets have made their way to the Apple Store, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

In this video guide, we’ll explain the basics of the latest Apple products and offer tips for buying and using them.

The best dealsWe’re here to help.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest tech to find the best deals on the Apple App Store and other online retailers.

Apple Watch – £299 (starting price: £249)Apple TV – £249 (starting prices: £149, £139)Amazon Fire TV Stick – £99 (starting from £179)Amazon Echo Show – £149 (starting at £169)Google Home – £49 (starting £199)Google Pixel 2 – £79 (starting for £99)Microsoft Surface Book – £199 (starting as low as £299)Microsoft HoloLens – £179 (starting on £299 for the 32GB version)Microsoft Windows 10 Home – Free with purchase of Surface Book (starting in January 2019)Microsoft Xbox One S – Free (starting later this month)Amazon Alexa – £29 (starting around £149)Microsoft Band – £129 (starting right now)Apple Watch 2 – Free (£49)Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Free £39 (starting now)Microsoft Lumia 950 – £349 (starting starting at £299), free after $149 Microsoft Surface Book (£249)Microsoft MacBook Pro 13-inch (£549)Apple iPad Pro (13-inch, Retina) – Free Apple iPad Air 2 (£549), £349 Apple iPhone SE (12.9-inch) – £799, £1,049, £599 (starting)Apple iPod nano (4th generation) – Starting at £349 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (£549, starting at $799)Apple Mac Pro 13″ (12-inch and 11-inch models) – starting at around £1.7mMicrosoft Surface Pro 2 (£999, £2,399)Microsoft Core i7 (16-core) – freeMicrosoft Core M (20-core, 32-core model) – $999 (starting with the Core M model)Apple MacBook Pro 11-in-1 (12th generation), 12-inch (12GB) – around £2.2mMicrosoft MacBook Air (11-in, 13-in) – at around $1.8mApple iPad Air (10.5-inch), 12.9mm – around $0.8 millionMicrosoft Surface 3 (12, 1.2-inch – 12GB) Microsoft Surface Studio (12G) – Around $1mMicrosoft Core m3 (2nd generation) Microsoft Core M3 (1st generation)Apple Retina MacBook Pro (11th generation, Core M) – in stockApple MacBook Air Pro (12Th generation) (2K Display, 256GB) (4K Display)Microsoft Mac Pro 12-in (16K Display), 2K Display (256GB) Apple MacBook Pro 12.7-inch Intel Core i5-11, 8GB RAM, 16GB SSD, 256 GB SSD (starting, starting)Microsoft ProBook 15.5 (1.4-inch HD Touch Screen, 256MB RAM, 512GB SSD) Apple Mac Pro 15.6-inch i5, Intel Core M2, 1TB HDD, 256TB SSD (12 years)Microsoft iMac 12.5, 12.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 512MB RAM (13 years)Apple iMac 11-Inch (1-in 15.9.7″ Retina, Core i3, 8th Gen) – currently availableMicrosoft Mac Mini 15.4 (1K Display with Thunderbolt) – still availableMicrosoft Surface Studio 15.7 (10th Gen Intel Core, 256 RAM, 128GB SSD), 32GB SSD (13, 16, 32GB)Microsoft XPS 15 15.3 (10K Display Pro, 256RAM, 512-bit SSD, 16.6GB SSD with Thunderbolt 3)Microsoft 12.1″ Touch Bar 15.1 (2.1-inch Touch Screen with USB Type-C)Apple HDTV 15″ (1080p, HDR), 13.3″ HD, Intel HD Graphics 5000, 3200 x 1600 resolution (starting – starting now) Apple TV 13.1″, Apple TV Pro, Apple TV Remote (starting), Apple TV Stick (starting this month), Apple HomePod (starting soon), Apple Watch Series 1 (starting next month)Microsoft Kinect, Xbox One, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Move (starting April 2018)Apple EarPods, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Pay, Apple Wallet (starting January 2019), iCal, iPhoto, iLife,

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