Doordash has an Aldi store in your CBD, so now you know where to go if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the supermarket.

The store opened this morning in the CBD, with the first five stores opening in the city in the next few weeks.

Aldi has an average of five stores in the metropolitan area per day.

“The store is a real hit in the heart of the CBD and we’re hoping to open more stores throughout the city,” Dr Lisa O’Sullivan, CEO of Aldi, said.

“We are confident the store will draw in a lot of customers who might not otherwise visit the CBD.”

Dr O’Neill said that while there was a lot more to the store than just Aldi’s signature fruit and vegetables, it was also a popular spot for locals to buy a good selection of local produce.

The shop sells items like dried produce, fresh herbs, and home-made sauces and dressings.

There’s also a whole range of health-focused products including shampoo, body lotion, body scrub and hand sanitiser.

There are also a variety of healthy snack items and snacks like nuts and chips.

“It’s a great place for local residents to get healthy food and to be able to pick up things that aren’t on the supermarket shelves,” Dr O ‘Sullivan said.

For locals looking for something more, Aldi also sells healthy snacks like cookies and granola bars.

“People are coming in and buying a whole host of different things, so we want to be sure that we’re providing a good range of products,” Dr Naughton said.

The Aldi retail store is just one of the Aldi stores opening around Australia, with other major retailers opening in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

It is hoped the store in Bendigo will eventually expand to Melbourne, and that the Bendigo store will also expand in Adelaide.

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