With the festive season winding down, it is time to put aside the gifts you love and take stock of the gifts that are available in your favorite stores, according to the Times of Indian.

While the country is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth, it doesn’t have many gift options for readers in the capital city.

There are a few options though, and they all involve something exotic.

Here are some of them. 

The Chittaranjan Chitrayam The best gift for readers of the capital is the Chittanaranjan, which is an elegant and elegant design that looks almost like an oriental carpet.

This beautiful, handcrafted Chittarayan Chitrawa is made from a mix of wood and silk.

It is handmade in Chittapuram, which has a rich history and is known as the home of the oldest Indian artisans. 

On the other hand, the Chitrathani Chitra is a simple wooden box made of bamboo and adorned with flowers and a rose.

This is the perfect gift for those who are looking for something different from the usual offerings.

The Chitralani Chitu is a wooden box, decorated with gold and decorated with jewels and precious stones.

The design is meant to appeal to children. 

Chitrara is a beautiful handcrafted tea table, decorated to look like a tea set.

The table has a floral design and has a lovely pattern that is unique to Chittra. 

Kali Baghani Chai Tea set is a handcrafted wooden tea set with a beautiful pattern and beautiful design.

This tea set is made by an artisans and it is a great gift for tea lovers. 

Laksha Chitree is a beautifully decorated wooden tea table with a flower motif. 

It is handmade and comes in three sizes. 

 Bhutanese Chitrin Chai is a wonderful tea set that has a beautifully designed design and is made with a unique wood. 

Nandigram Chitrees is a handmade tea table made with bamboo and bamboo leaf, decorated and is designed for tea fans. 

Vijaya Chitre is a delightful wooden tea pot, decorated beautifully with a floral pattern. 

This tea pot is made in the remote villages of the Himalayas and is a favorite gift for people in Bhutan. 

Gadgil Chitrie is a tea pot that has beautiful designs on the front and the back, and is decorated with flowers. 

I am not sure if this is the same one that was made by the makers of the Kumbh Mela in Delhi.

I have no idea. 

If you want to get the best possible gift ideas, check out the list below. 


Jangguk Chitrya (The Indian Express) A small chitryan tree with an ornate design in the shape of a flower.

The chitries are made from wood and it comes in a variety of colors and shapes. 


Thanakam Chitri (The Hindu) (Thanagarh) The largest of the Chidri, this wooden chitri is carved in the style of the Mahabharata, with the motif of the Goddess of Love, Saraswati. 


Mishra Chitram (The Indian Mail) These are made of the same wood as the chitrari, and are carved with an intricate motif and are decorated with a rose flower and other flowers.

The wooden Chitrim is shaped like a flower and has the floral motif that is different from other chitritras. 


Tatkali Chitrum (The Hindustan Times) Tall wooden Chittrims are made with wood, with intricate motifs. 


Yatra Chitrus (The New York Times) The most expensive of the chits, this is a wood carved chitrus that is made of a blend of wood, wood and wood.

It comes in six different colors, which are also carved into the shape and design of the tree. 


Dharkar Chitrikar (The Times of Kashmir) Another wood carved Chitras is the Dharkar, which came with the Mahavirbhaya (Great Enlightenment) movement.

The wood is carved and is adorned with floral motifs and is the best for the people of Kashmir. 


Ravana Chitrika (The Telegraph) Made of wood with an elaborate design, this chitrika is also carved in a unique style. 


Sri Lankan Chitricka (The Herald) This beautiful chitrickar is carved with the name Sri Lanka, which was the country’s official name

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