In a new report from the company, Amazon shoppers can now order online through their own home.

The service was launched just before Christmas, and it offers a variety of new services for online shopping.

For example, shoppers can use their Amazon account to pay for goods on their Amazon Echo Dot.

The company has also added an automated shopping assistant for shopping, so that customers don’t have to open a separate account.

The Echo Dot has also been updated to allow Amazon Alexa to control shopping activities on your Echo.

Amazon also added a shopping experience to its Prime Day promotions, so shoppers can see when new items are available in their area and purchase them directly from Amazon.

In addition, the company has revamped the Amazon Alexa Voice app to give users more ways to control the Echo, including voice-enabled video calls.

While Amazon is making these updates available for all of its Prime members, the Echo Dot is only available for Amazon Prime members.

For a limited time, customers can get the new Echo with a $99 price tag. 

In addition to Alexa, the Alexa assistant is also getting a new feature called Siri.

Users can ask the voice assistant questions through the Echo and then use the voice recognition to read aloud the questions they are asking.

Users will then be able to answer those questions and get answers on their own, via the Alexa Assistant app.

Users won’t be able ask Siri to do any other actions on the Echo.

However, Alexa will still be able control certain aspects of the Echo device, such as music playback, the Amazon Echo Show, and the Echo Spot.

The Amazon Echo Spot and the Alexa Echo Show are now available for the Amazon Prime service.

For more, check out the full list of new features announced by Amazon today.

Amazon’s Alexa assistant will continue to be available for other Echo devices.

For instance, the $129 Echo Dot will be available as a free add-on to any Echo speaker, Amazon TV, and Echo Dot Starter Kit.

The $179 Echo Dot also comes with a new Siri voice assistant, but Amazon says this voice assistant is only used to answer questions, not to do anything else. 

For more on Amazon’s Echo and Alexa, be sure to read up on everything that was announced at its WWDC 2017 event. 

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