The shoemaker has the last word.

The shoe store is where all the shoe makers come to shop.

The last thing you want is to spend an hour or more at the store.

So the shoe shop is where you get to shop with your new shoes before they get shipped out.

But, as we learned when we shopped with the guys over at Ross Stores, the best thing about the shoe department isn’t that you can buy all of your new sneakers online, it’s that you don’t have to.

So we decided to find the best shoe store in the whole of Toronto and try to find out why.

We wanted to find one that was as easy to navigate as it was efficient, but we also wanted to make sure it was the one that had the best selection.

So, we spent hours going through hundreds of different shoe stores, going over every single pair we could find.

We found that the best shoemakers have an array of styles and sizes.

And as you shop, you’ll find that there are also a wide range of styles that are just perfect for just about any occasion.

But the shoe experts we met also have a knack for picking the perfect shoes to suit the occasion, whether it’s for the beach or a formal event.

So our list of top shoe stores is no slouch, but it does contain a few gems.

1. Ross Shoes

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