Consumers should be more aware of how much they’re spending on furniture before they buy it, especially when it comes to a mortgage, according to a new report.

Key points:A study by US research company, iResearch, found consumers are spending up to 15 per cent more on furniture online than they do at homeThe study found the average US homeowner has a mortgage of about $300,000, compared to about $500,000 for a millennialThe study also found the number of new furniture purchases online in the US has increased from 10,000 in the first quarter of 2019 to 21,000 last quarterThe study was conducted by iResearch’s online furniture shop, Up Store.

The report said the average American has a loan of about$300,0000, compared with about $550,000for a millennial.

In the first four months of this year, the study found that the average household owned about 2,400 square feet of new home furniture, which is about 30 per cent less than it did in 2019.

The survey also found that home furnishings accounted for more than 80 per cent of new purchases online, compared in 2019 with the same period a year earlier.

“It’s really important to look at how much money you’re spending,” iResearch analyst Andrew O’Sullivan told The New York Times.

“What are you paying for furniture, how much are you saving on insurance, and if you’re saving at all.”

In the past, furniture has typically been seen as an investment.

But in the past year, it has become more of a hobby, he said.

While the study showed that consumers were spending more than 15 per,cent more on online furniture than they did at home, Mr O’Neill said the increase was not a trend that was a result of higher inflation or house price increases.

Mr O’Neal said the data suggested that furniture was actually being used more by millennials.

“In 2018, furniture accounted for about 5 per cent or $3 billion of all purchases,” he said, “but by 2019 that figure was down to 1.3 per cent, meaning the average millennial is spending up $3,500 per year on furniture.”

And if you consider the overall percentage of Americans who are spending on online purchases, it’s actually less than 1 per cent.

“He added that while furniture prices are rising, that could be due to consumers saving more on insurance and buying a lower-end model.”

The majority of furniture purchases that are happening online now are actually being made for a lower price,” he told The Times.

The study compared the average cost of online furniture purchases to the average home price.

It found that furniture purchases at up to 20 per cent above the average monthly cost of $3000 were a “strong indication” that consumers are “spending a lot more” on the item than they would if they bought it on their own.

Online furniture store Up Store recently launched a new tool that helps consumers save money on furniture, but it will only be available to customers in the U.S.”

We think it’s important to recognise the fact that consumers don’t have a huge amount of money in their pocket to spend on new furniture,” he added.

Online furniture store Up Store recently launched a new tool that helps consumers save money on furniture, but it will only be available to customers in the U.S.

The tool lets customers check the cost of furniture and other items on their shopping lists and save up to 30 per, cent.

Up Store will also offer discounts to users who make online purchases in the next 12 months.

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