New Delhi: In a city that has witnessed the rise of pet shops, the name tag of an Indian pet store has become a symbol of pride for pet lovers and customers.

The store, which has become synonymous with the brand, is the nearest up store for pet products in Delhi, and has a massive presence across the city.

The store has a huge presence in the city, with customers purchasing from its shelves.

“We have sold over a million pet products, and we have also built up our brand.

We were selling about 500,000 pet products a day when the name tags were introduced,” said Deepak Sharma, president of the pet store chain.

“Today, we sell about 100,000 per day.”

The store has more than 10,000 items of pet food, toys, household products, cosmetics, pet care and accessories.

“We have started a new branch, and now we sell more than 2,000 products,” he added.

The pet store in front of the new branch is the biggest in Delhi.

In the past, customers had to walk a kilometre to get to the shop.

“The new branch opens on December 1, and there will be a new selection of pet products,” Sharma said.

The Pet Store, which sells over 100,00 pet products across its branches, is in a market that is in the midst of a boom.

In 2017-18, pet stores had a net turnover of about Rs 20 crore, with more than 50 pet stores operating across the country, said Sanjay Datta, president, Centre for Pet Goods and Services.

“Pet stores are in a huge position to become a part of the Indian retail ecosystem, and this brand will help boost the local economy,” Datta added.

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