The Washington State Children’s Museum has announced plans to open a new U.N. compound in the embassy annex in early 2018.

The museum is looking to open the first of several permanent U.K.-based exhibitions on the human rights violations in Yemen in 2019, and the first exhibition focusing on the conflict in Iraq in 2021.

The new U,S.

consulate will be located in the annex, which the State Department designated as a war zone in 2020.

The annex, located on the northern tip of the city of Aden, was created in 2015 under President Donald Trump as part of a U.NSanction that authorized military operations in Yemen.

The State Department said the annex would house the museum’s permanent exhibitions on human rights abuses in Yemen, including a new exhibition focusing exclusively on the war in Yemen and Iraq.

“The U.A.E. is proud to be part of the State and USAID Mission to Yemen,” said the State department in a statement.

“The State and U. S. embassies in Sanaa and Aden are both under constant threat from Houthi militias.

The State Department is dedicated to supporting those who have a voice in Yemen.”

The State department said it was grateful for the support from other nations in Yemen during the conflict, including Saudi Arabia, which donated $5 million in 2018 to rebuild homes and businesses destroyed by the Houthis.

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