The Malls in Canada will open up to Canadian customers this weekend. 

Malls in Vancouver and Toronto will be open on Saturday. 

Walgreens stores in Winnipeg and Ottawa will also be open to Canadian shoppers. 

Canadian retailers are the biggest consumers of the country’s biggest retailers, with Macy’s, Wal-Mart and Target accounting for more than 70% of Canadian retail sales. 

These two chains have been making an effort to attract Canadian shoppers in recent years. 

In October, Walmart and Target announced a partnership that will see the Canadian-owned chain open its first Canadian stores in 2019. 

The partnership has been a success, with Target having a store in every Canadian city. 

Target has also opened a number of other Canadian stores, including Bridgewater, North Bay, Toronto and Regina. 

Last year, Walmart opened several new Mall stores in the US, including in Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, Detroit and Los Angeles. 

This summer, Target announced that it would open up three more Canadian Malleys: Hamilton Marts, Toronto Mills and Montreal Mellor Miller. 

At this year’s M&M Summit, Mandy Sewell, Target’s global head of marketing and brand communications, said that Target is working with Canadian retailers to expand their footprint in Canada. 

“Target is working to expand its footprint in the country,” she told the gathering of M & M’s top executives. 

According to Target, the malls in Canada are being constructed to make a comparable product available to customers. 

She also noted that target had recently opened five new stores in Ontario, Providence and Ontario. 

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