The New England Patriots are officially a New England franchise.

In a way, that makes them a New York franchise too.

But the team, which has won two Super Bowls since its inception in 1964, is just a little more than a New Jersey franchise.

It’s a brand that has been synonymous with the team’s roots in New England.

And this team is built around that brand, with a new stadium and a brand-new quarterback in Tom Brady.

Niners owner Jed York says he was inspired to build a team around the Patriots’ legacy after he attended a Patriots game and saw a photo of former quarterback Tom Brady and his family at the start of a game.

He wanted to be part of that.

He says he has never been more excited to be a part of this organization and the team.

“The New England-based Patriots are a New Yorker institution.

When the team was founded in 1964 by Tom Brady, it was a New Haven-based franchise.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that it moved to the New York market, but the Patriots have remained the New England team for decades.

This team is all about the brand.

They have a brand and they’re going to do everything they can to make sure they’re a part a brand of New York and that they’re connected to the Patriots and this city.

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