Rainbow store, one of Melbourne’s hottest outdoor stores, has opened in Melbourne’s CBD.

Key points:Rainbow stores are opening across AustraliaRainbow store founder Adam Williams says he hopes the retail chain will become a “national chain”Rainbow owner Adam Williams believes his business model is to cater for the lifestyle and not just the price pointThe store is the brainchild of Adam Williams and his wife Emma, who opened Rainbow store in the heart of Melbourne.

Mr Williams said it was the perfect fit for the Melbourne CBD.

“We wanted to be an outdoor store,” he said.

“It was going to be a small shop with a bit of a menu, and we wanted to cater to that niche.”

So that was the reason for the store being called Rainbow.

“I thought, ‘why not?’

We’ve always wanted to build something that is really different and different from anything else out there, so it was great.”

Mr Williams had been searching for a way to offer customers a variety of products and he decided to open a small business.

“The idea was to cater primarily to the lifestyle, to cater more specifically to the outdoors,” he explained.

“That’s what we want to do.”

He said the store’s unique style of offering, which included the ability to take orders online, was a departure from other outdoor stores.

“People tend to get frustrated because they have to go out and shop,” he admitted.

“If you want to go outside, that’s not a problem for us.”

A look inside the Rainbow store (ABC News: Tom Gorman)Mr Williams’s business model began with his original concept, which he calls a “pinch and go” store.

“For a long time, we had no plans for retail,” he recalled.

“What we had was a pinch and go shop.”

When we first started out we had an idea of a shop that would have a little more room.

“And then we would have some space for people who would like to sit in the shop and we would sell them the items they were looking for.”

But we also had to offer them the products that we were selling, and that was kind of a big change.

“Then I found out that the internet is so good that you can sort of do it from home.”

With the internet we can sort it out.

So I kind of thought that we would start to expand into the online world.

“Mr Williamson said the success of the store and the rise of social media meant it was easy for the company to reach new audiences.”

In a way it’s a reflection of what we’ve been doing for a long period of time,” he noted.”

A lot of people are going to start to see that we offer the things they’re looking for and that they can go out there and buy them.

“Mr William said the company’s store was also helping his business thrive.”

There’s more interest in buying things from us,” he acknowledged.”

Not just from people who go online but people who want to buy from us because we’re really good about our customer service.

“Mr Willys said Rainbow was a natural fit for Melbourne.”

You know, in Melbourne, the CBD has been the centre of things for a very long time and it’s just been kind of like the centre for everything,” he reflected.”

Our focus has always been on the CBD.


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