Reptile Store, the new online store that promises to sell everything from live shows to reptile foods and snacks, is set to open in the city of Denver in 2018, according to Next Big Futures, a developer of online stores that aim to make the food, beverage and other retail stores that are on the web more accessible to consumers.

The store is scheduled to open this summer in the downtown Denver area of Denver, said Next Big Technologies, which has developed the technology.

The online store will be able to cater to a wide range of interests, including reptile enthusiasts, who can purchase everything from a live show to a live video of a reptile.

The reptile shop will feature a range of products, from a “living zoo” of live reptiles to a full-size reptile exhibit that will be featured at the store, the company said.

The company is not disclosing the names of any Denver retailers that will sell the store.

The new store will also be able add a live and online video-streaming section for viewers to watch reptile shows and videos, Next Big said.

It’s unclear when the store will open, but the store is set for a fall opening.

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