Home goods store owner Chris Stenhouse has spent years designing and assembling his shelves in his small downtown Dallas suburb.

When he opened his first store in 2013, he knew the shelves would be a huge hit.

Now he’s looking to expand to more suburban locations.

Stenhouse and his family own and operate the Stenhouses Grocery and Market in Arlington, Texas.

The store is stocked with a wide variety of products, including antiques and collectibles, toys, clothing, and furniture.

Stenharts son, Cody, is an avid fan of the NBA, and his mother is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

The Stensharts, who opened the store in October 2017, are hoping to take the concept to a new level.

The Stensteins store sells items like basketball jerseys, baseball caps, and baseball bats.

Steny’s son and daughter run the business with a small staff of six.

They have an extensive catalog, and they specialize in making the most of their shelves.

“Our inventory is so big, we have to make sure that our customers are getting what they want, whether it’s antiques, collectibles or just anything that they need,” said Cody Stenharves, who owns the store with his wife, Kaylee.

Stenhalls father, Steny, has spent his entire adult life in Dallas.

He has been a store owner for 27 years, and now has a large family of eight.

He says his wife is the person who inspires him.

“She is the reason I’m doing what I’m here for,” he said.

Steny’s father, who lives in Dallas, has been an owner of several retail stores, including a major chain in Dallas called Sears.

The father of six is also a basketball fan.

“I think when you watch a game and watch the players, it gives you goosebumps,” he told WFAA.

“You see them compete against each other, they fight and they don’t have a problem.

They just have to be tough.

You see it in the games,” Steny said.

“You know what, they don,t always win, but they do try and fight and make it a competitive game.

And that’s what I’ve always loved about basketball.”

The Steny family also owns a home goods store.

“Our family has been in the store since I was six,” said Steny.

“It’s been in our house, in the garage, in our living room, in all the closets.”

Steny said the idea of a small business, rather than a big chain, has helped him expand.

“I love that I have so much control,” he added.

“When I got here I thought this was going to be big, I thought it was going be big.

I just didn’t think it would get to where it is right now.”

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