How to get your own iPad: Apple’s iBookstore app

Apple announced today that it is adding an official iBooks app store to the Apple TV app store.The new store will offer “classic, classic, new, and new and expanding” titles.“We are delighted to bring this iconic app store directly to Apple TV,” Apple TV product manager Jonathan Bixler said in a statement.“By bringing together the best of our best content […]

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Pornhub is now officially a part of reddit

A few months ago, Pornhub, a popular video sharing site, became part of Reddit, a social network for content creators and users.It was one of the first to sign on as a subreddit.Now, after months of discussion on Reddit’s front page, PornHub is now part of the official subreddit for /, the official website of the popular photo sharing website.The […]

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How to watch the NBA All-Star Game in a Chrome browser

The NBA All Star Game in San Antonio is going to be on CNN, but if you’re not watching it on CNN then you’re missing out.You’ll be able to watch it on Google Chrome or any other browser that supports Chromecast.But there’s one thing you need to know before you do.The NBA won’t be available in your native language.This is […]

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