It’s all about Bungie store now!

A thread titled “It’s all really about Bungies now!” has been making the rounds on Reddit, and it’s all a matter of opinion.The thread is now at the top of the Reddit thread section, and a post about it has been published to r/AskReddit.A lot of people are saying the following: Bungie is worth a shot, but not just any […]

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New FourFourStore app will let you search for bargains

FourFour2 article FourFiveGames’ FourFiveStore app is the first app to let users browse the retailer’s vast selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, accessories and other items.FourFive’s FourFiveShop app will soon be available on Android phones and tablets, including the Google Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Apple iPhone 8.The app will work in both English and Chinese.This will be the […]

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