What to know about the $30,000 dollar diamond ring stolen from ABC store in Houston

Houston, Texas — An ABC store has reported that a $30 million dollar diamond engagement ring was stolen from a department store it was renting.The robbery occurred around 8:30 a.m.Wednesday, ABC News affiliate KPRC-TV reports.The ring was reportedly stolen from the ABC store by a man who entered the store with a gun and demanded money.The suspect fled in a […]

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Why I am buying new clothes at my local store

I’m not a fashion fan, but I’m an avid gamer.I’ve been playing for years and love the art and craft involved in creating outfits for my favorite characters and heroes.My favorite clothes, however, are the ones that aren’t a throwback to a time when we had to wear the same outfit for weeks on end.I started shopping at my favorite […]

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