Kids clothing store to open in U.S. Embassy annex

The Washington State Children’s Museum has announced plans to open a new U.N. compound in the embassy annex in early 2018.The museum is looking to open the first of several permanent U.K.-based exhibitions on the human rights violations in Yemen in 2019, and the first exhibition focusing on the conflict in Iraq in 2021.The new U,S.consulate will be located in […]

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Verizon store locators are so good they are actually useful

The Verizon store location system has become the de facto way to find all the kids clothing stores and flooring stores you want to buy at.And now it’s coming to iOS and Android too.The site allows you to enter a store name, look it up in the Google Maps database, then get directions to the nearest location.Google Maps will also […]

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Samsung unveils new Samsung Gear VR store, kids clothing stores

Samsung is launching its own kids clothing store on Friday, and it will be called the Samsung GearVR Store, and will offer all sorts of cool kids clothing and accessories, like “Giant Starburst Hoodies,” “Starburst Boots,” and more.Samsung is also working on a VR app store that will launch in the coming months, the Verge has learned.The Gear VR Store […]

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