K-pop stores and cafes are in a frenzy, but not the way you’d expect

Posted April 19, 2019 07:18:31 The K-Pop fandom is a bit like an auto-pilot on the roads of life.You see what’s on the road, you’re driving.And when you get to a certain destination, there are only a handful of places you can go and the rest of the time, it’s all about where you’re going and what you want to […]

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How to Buy an Art Deco Fish Store

There are tons of cool fish stores in Korea.Some of them specialize in fish and seafood, while others have everything you could ever want, including a Japanese garden, a Japanese sushi restaurant, a Korean barbecue restaurant, and a Korean Korean tea shop.These stores are often quite good, but there are always a few catches.Some don’t have the Korean language requirements […]

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