Apple’s new store closers are a great deal

Walmart has announced plans to close its nine stores in the US, and Lowe’s is closing one store in Australia, and has closed a store in Canada.But many retailers, including Amazon, are still stocking up on items from the last few weeks.Here are the top new stores to open or close in the past few weeks:Walmart is closing its stores […]

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How to shop at mattresses stores in the US

As a loyal reader of this blog, I have a strong preference for mattresses and beds, but I also have a preference for bedding.I’ve tried many mattresses, beds, and covers, and I love everything about them.But when I hear that mattresses are selling for $150, $300, or $400, I start to worry.I’m not alone.Many people are concerned about the price […]

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How much are the best mattress stores?

Most mattress stores in Australia are a good bet to be a good source of good quality bedding.The best ones are usually located in the city centre or suburbs and offer a wide range of mattresses and bedding styles, ranging from cheap bedding and cheap mattress covers to premium mattresses, pillows and beds.There are also plenty of bargain stores offering […]

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Rainbow store opens at Walmart in Melbourne

Rainbow store, one of Melbourne’s hottest outdoor stores, has opened in Melbourne’s CBD.Key points:Rainbow stores are opening across AustraliaRainbow store founder Adam Williams says he hopes the retail chain will become a “national chain”Rainbow owner Adam Williams believes his business model is to cater for the lifestyle and not just the price pointThe store is the brainchild of Adam Williams […]

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