Paper store opens in Auckland, New Zealand

Paper stores are a major employer in Auckland and have been around for generations.But in 2018, it’s expected to become the second largest paper store in the world with an estimated $6.5 billion in sales, according to a recent report from consultancy firm Strategy Analytics.And that’s assuming they remain open throughout the year, which is a tall order.But if you […]

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How to fix Firefox and Chrome to fix the Android app issue

In a post last week, the company said it was investigating an issue with the Android version of the Chrome web store that caused some users to be unable to access their apps and other content.Since then, a number of other major mobile apps and games have been affected.The Android version now appears to be up to date, though the […]

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How much are the best mattress stores?

Most mattress stores in Australia are a good bet to be a good source of good quality bedding.The best ones are usually located in the city centre or suburbs and offer a wide range of mattresses and bedding styles, ranging from cheap bedding and cheap mattress covers to premium mattresses, pillows and beds.There are also plenty of bargain stores offering […]

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