What you need to know about the new liquor store and pool store opening in Regina

ROWAN, Alta.— A new liquor and pool centre is being built in rural Saskatchewan.The company behind the building, ABN Amro Group, said Wednesday that the new centre will include a full bar and an outdoor patio.Aboriginal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee says the new facility will provide a safe place for young people to socialize.It will be a place for people […]

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How to find the best stores in Burlington, Ontario

A new report from Toronto-based retail giant, Best Buy, suggests that Burlington, Ont., is the perfect place to find an outdoor or child-friendly outdoor store.In fact, the city has more outdoor stores than any other major city in Canada, with nearly 300 to its name, according to the company.It also has a population of roughly 8 million, making it one […]

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