How to buy an adult toy shop with Google Play: Adult toy store

The first thing you need to know about buying an adult toys store is that you’re not buying toys at a flea market.You’re buying them on the Google Play store, which is an entirely separate service from Google Play itself.You’ll need to buy these toys at the store itself and, if you’re lucky, they’ll come with a Google Play card.That’s […]

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How to make a rainbow-themed outdoor store in your backyard

How to create a rainbow outdoor store is easy: buy a rainbow flag, buy some rainbow flags, then decorate the space with flags, banners, or flags and banners of all colors.In other words, buy rainbow flags and buy flags of all stripes.The result is a fun little, rainbow-inspired outdoor store that you can put in your yard or garden.The problem […]

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Rainbow store opens at Walmart in Melbourne

Rainbow store, one of Melbourne’s hottest outdoor stores, has opened in Melbourne’s CBD.Key points:Rainbow stores are opening across AustraliaRainbow store founder Adam Williams says he hopes the retail chain will become a “national chain”Rainbow owner Adam Williams believes his business model is to cater for the lifestyle and not just the price pointThe store is the brainchild of Adam Williams […]

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