Apple open to opening Apple Stores in Toronto

Apple opened its first store in Toronto this week, with the company announcing that it will open a second one in the city in 2019.The Toronto Apple Store is one of several Apple retail locations that have opened across Canada in recent years, with many more to come.Apple previously opened stores in Vancouver, Edmonton and Vancouver, British Columbia, as well […]

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Unity Asset Store: One of the biggest hardware store to hit the market

Unity Asset Stores have become one of the largest hardware stores in the world.It’s no surprise to see this as Unity’s stock has surged significantly.With an estimated $3 billion in revenue in 2017, Unity has surpassed the likes of Amazon, Ebay and Amazon Prime.Unity’s flagship store, Unity Asset, is also the third-largest on the website.However, it’s no stranger to controversy.In […]

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Which Unity Asset Store stores are most popular?

The Unity Asset store has the highest number of new customers per month, with more than 8,400 new accounts added in the first nine months of 2017, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.That’s the largest single month growth in the store’s history.The other Unity Asset stores with the highest numbers of new accounts per month are The Asset Store , […]

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