How to find the best used appliance store in your city

You may have noticed a trend lately: the number of used appliance stores has gone up.A big reason is that people are getting more savvy about buying used appliances, and are making smart decisions about what to buy.Here’s how to figure out the best appliance store for your city.Read More .And with the internet of things, it’s becoming easier than […]

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What you need to know about your health care bill: The first-year cost of living

Consumers can expect to pay an average of $8,100 more per year for their health care insurance through the second year of their health insurance policy, according to a new report from the consumer advocacy group Consumers Union.The group said it has identified a number of areas where consumers could see an increase in their premiums.The consumer group also said […]

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How to fix a faulty microwave

The RTE has published a guide to repairing a faulty oven and microwave.The guide includes the following items: The oven: A microwave oven with a broken heat shield.A microwave that is unable to be switched on, is not turning on and is not working.A cracked heat shield that will need to be replaced.The microwave can’t be plugged into the wall […]

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