A pet store owner who has had to take out emergency loans to keep her pet, the “smartest” of her kind, has been forced to take a $1,000 loan to keep the reptile store running.

The store in Pompano Beach, Florida, closed in May and has not reopened in a decade after the owner lost her job as a result of the closure.

“I had to make a decision that I didn’t want to take that on, that I couldn’t afford to lose my business,” owner Nancy Rau told ABC News.

Rau said she has had difficulty getting the loan to cover the costs of the store and said she’s had to borrow more money to cover some of the bills.

“It was hard for us to make ends meet.

It was a very stressful time for me and my husband,” she said.

“We just can’t go on.”

The owner said she is working on getting her business back online, but said it will take several years.

“Right now I’m working on it and getting it up and running.

It’s a tough situation,” she told ABC affiliate WPBF.

“But it’s what we have to do.”

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