The Gardening Store, a small chain that sells used furniture and appliances in the Los Angeles area, recently posted a video on Facebook that features some of its most loyal customers.

In the video, the owner of The Gardener Store explains that she’s been shopping at the store for the past few months and has noticed that her purchases are often getting more expensive.

When she asked her customers about the issue, many responded with stories of being frustrated with their furniture purchases, such as finding furniture that is no longer usable, or that is too old or doesn’t have a specific use.

“We’ve been in this business for five years now and we’ve been buying a lot of furniture, and we’re getting tired of it,” the owner says.

“Some of the items are just not good quality, and they’re just getting a little old.”

The owner says she’s also noticed a spike in her customers asking her for help finding items they want to sell.

“People are kind of asking for help, and I’m trying to make it work,” she says.

“They’re trying to help me out, and it’s not always easy.”

They’re just so excited to get that old thing out, they’re so happy to see it.

And they’re not sure if they want it anymore, and so they’re asking for recommendations, and sometimes we get a lot more than we expect.

“In the past year, The Garding Store has become the top rated furniture retailer in the US.

The store opened its doors in 2013 and has grown rapidly in the past six years.

The owner, who doesn’t want to be identified for fear of upsetting her loyal customers, says she knows it can be tough to make her customers feel comfortable and supported.”

Sometimes you feel like you’re being selfish, but at the same time, you want to make sure that they’re comfortable and have a lot,” she said.”

The customer is the customer, and the customer needs to be heard.

So, when you hear a complaint or you see something, you just need to listen to that.

“If you can’t, you need to say something, or they need to hear something.”

The Gardening store is part of a trend that has been observed across the US, with many consumers complaining about their spending habits.

In addition to online retailers, stores like Walgreens, Target and Home Depot are also increasingly focusing on the needs of their customers and offering discounts.

In a recent report from Consumer Reports, nearly 80 percent of American consumers surveyed said they would pay less for used furniture than if they had bought the same items from a store in the same state.

The Garding store owner is optimistic that her store will continue to grow as the trend for more affordable and environmentally friendly furniture continues.

“I think we’re going to continue to see more of this kind of thing happening in the future,” she told MTV News.

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