Costco is expecting a big Thanksgiving rush to stock up on Thanksgiving staples.

The holiday shopping season officially began on Thursday, November 23, with the Thanksgiving Day sale officially ending on November 25.

The Costco Thanksgiving Day Special will start at 8 a.m.

EST on Thursday.

The store will offer up to 25% off all food, beverages, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and more on Thanksgiving.

The Black Friday sale is expected to run for 12 hours on Thanksgiving Day.

The chain has a few deals that are available in some stores.

Costco’s Holiday Sale will run for two hours on Thursday and Friday, with Black Friday items running from 2 p.m.-5 p.o.m., starting on Friday.

The sale will be limited to select items, but Costco is still offering up to a 10% discount on select items on Black Friday.

Other deals are limited to 10% off items in the Costco Store, or 10% of the cost of a Costco-branded item.

A 10% coupon code is available on select Black Friday purchases at Costco.

The discount code will be redeemable at Costco and Costco Wholesale stores nationwide, and online.

The deals that Costco is offering include items such as $3 off a pair of pants, $5 off a $25 pair of socks, and $20 off a three-pack of milk.

Other Black Friday deals include a 10-day free shipping on select electronics and a 30-day $50 savings on selected clothing.

While there is no Black Friday holiday specials available in most Costco stores, Costco is hosting a variety of holiday events and discounts, with more coming this week.

On Wednesday, November 20, Costco will host a special live stream on their website, and on Thursday night, Nov. 21, Costco and the holiday season will officially kick off with the annual Costco Thanksgiving sale.

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