A new Cricket store is expected to open in Melbourne’s CBD in November.

The store will be the third Cricket outlet in Melbourne, following a Cricket outlet at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and a Cricket store at Parkes in Melbourne.

The announcement follows a number of announcements from Cricket Australia, the Australian Cricket Board and other stakeholders.

The latest news comes after Cricket Australia and Cricket Australia Cricket Association (ACA) officials met with a group of stakeholders on Wednesday to discuss the future of Cricket Australia.

The group of business leaders met in Perth, WA, and were given a tour of the Cricket Store.

A representative from Cricket USA, the group that represents the majority of Cricket players, visited the store on Wednesday.

The Cricket Store will be an Australian brand that is available in Australia.

A spokesperson for Cricket Australia said the store was being built in Melbourne and it was expected to be open in November next year.

The spokesperson said the Australian government was supporting the development of the store in order to further grow cricket in Australia and beyond.

It is believed the Cricket store will offer a range of products including cricket bats, cricket balls, cricket gloves, cricket clothing and apparel.

The spokesperson said Cricket Australia was currently in discussions with Cricket USA to see if the store would be an option for the US group.

“The Australian Cricket Association is committed to supporting the Cricket Australia brand and cricket in the United States and we look forward to welcoming the Cricket USA brand into Australia in November 2019,” the spokesperson said.

“Cricket Australia and the Australian cricket community are very proud to be working together in support of our country’s cricketing history.”

The spokesperson did not confirm whether the Cricket shop would be open at the end of November next season.

The retailer is expected be open by the end

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