The Google-owned Facebook is opening its first Israeli retail store and record store, in the coastal town of Beit Lahiya.

The two new stores, located on the same site as the Google store, will be located in the Beit Shemesh shopping mall, near the entrance to the port.

Google announced last month that it was opening an online retail store in Israel, and Facebook is planning to open its own store in Beit Lachish as well. 

The first store in Jerusalem will be a Facebook-owned store, according to the company’s director of online operations, Dan Wibberley, who told The Jerusalem Times in an interview last month.

Google’s opening is part of a broader expansion plan for the Israeli online retail industry.

It also announced plans to open a digital media business, with a planned opening in 2017. 

Google, Facebook’s two largest competitors in Israel and the Middle East, are trying to establish themselves as more than just online retailers. 

Facebook and Google both have their own mobile app stores and services, as well as online services that allow users to purchase goods and services. 

However, Facebook, with the largest user base in Israel with nearly 4 million active users, dominates online retailing in Israel.

Facebook is also the country’s biggest Internet search engine, with nearly 6 million active searches per month, according the Israeli Information Ministry.

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