By David HirstThe Australian is reporting that a new alcohol company is offering the cheapest price of alcohol in Australia at $1.50 per six-pack.

It comes as liquor stores in Australia are struggling to cope with a massive surge in alcohol demand and supply problems, including oversupply of bottles of the popular brands such as Corona, and low prices.

The New Zealand-based Australian Alcoholic Beverages Association said it was selling more than 10,000 six-packs per day at its Melbourne store, while the Liquor Control Board of Australia said it had sold over 40,000 bottles of spirits per day in its stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Australian Liquor Stores Association said that was about a 50 per cent increase in its daily supply of alcohol.

“We know that demand is at a peak,” Alesana Huggins, president of the Alesanas Australia group, told ABC Radio.

“It’s not just a case of shortages in the marketplace, but also in supermarkets and the liquor store.”

The group has been in the news this week after it announced it would not sell its products in Australia.

It said it would instead continue to sell its spirits through a third party company, which it had not yet decided on.

The Alesanas Australia group’s chairman, Steve Huggens, said it did not want to “re-incorporate ourselves as an Australian company”.

“We want to retain our independence and we want to stay in our backyard,” he said.

“But we’ve got to keep that in mind.”

Mr Huggs said the group had been operating as a non-profit for about 15 years and was looking to expand further in Australia, which would allow it to increase its revenue.

“Our aim is to get more business in Australia and to get that business going and grow the business,” he told the ABC.

“The business has gone through a very significant change in Australia.”

Mr Smith said he had been approached by a liquor store in Melbourne who wanted to take a closer look at Alesanes pricing policy.

“They’re trying to understand if it’s the best pricing policy to use for their business,” Mr Smith said.

He said the Australian Liquors Association was the only major liquor group in Australia that did not sell alcohol directly to the public.

“I’m really happy to be able to give you that answer and be honest with you,” he added.

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