The family of a California woman who told police she had to “re-educate” her two daughters because she didn�t want them to be males says she is “shocked” to learn she had the girls removed from her custody.

Jillian Denton, 46, of the Lake Forest community of Boonville, said she gave birth to her daughters at a hospital in June and that the boys were taken from her home last month after a custody battle.

Denton said the boys had been in her care for more than a year.

She told police the boys are now living with relatives.

The Associated Press identified Denton as the woman who made the accusations against her daughters in a news release Sunday.

Her attorney, Brian Stinson, said Denton had been receiving medical care and was not pregnant when the boys went missing.

The Lake Forest News reports Denton is accused of mistreating her children by putting them in the care of an adult who has a mental health history.

The boys, now 7 and 6, were born last year.

In a statement, the Booner County Sheriff�s Office said it could not comment on pending litigation.

A spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said the department has no comment on ongoing litigation.

Denton said she wanted the girls to be male.

The Associated Press says she told the department they were girls, but that the girls did not appear to be female.

DNTs children’s agency said they were now living in the custody of their father.DENTON SAYS HE DIDNT WANT THE CHILDREN TO BE GIRLS, NOT THE BOYS

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